Osmosis jones cast


Osmosis jones cast

“Osmosis jones cast” is an animated/live-action hybrid film that took audiences on a microscopic journey inside the human body, blending humor, adventure, and educational elements. The film boasts a talented cast that brought its quirky characters to life, creating a memorable cinematic experience.

At the heart of the cast is the dynamic duo of animated characters: Osmosis Jones and Drix, voiced by Chris Rock and David Hyde Pierce, respectively. Chris Rock lends his unmistakable voice to Osmosis Jones, an anthropomorphic white blood cell with a streetwise attitude.

 Meet the Cast of Osmosis Jones

Rock’s comedic timing and energy bring Osmosis jones cast to life, infusing the character with charm and wit. Osmosis is tasked with protecting the body from harmful germs and viruses, making him a lovable and unconventional hero.

David Hyde Pierce, known for his role as Niles Crane on “Frasier,” voices Drix, a cold pill that becomes Osmosis’s reluctant partner. Pierce’s refined and sophisticated voice provides a perfect contrast to Rock’s street-smart delivery, creating a dynamic and entertaining partnership. Drix’s by-the-book personality and countertop reverse osmosis nature lead to comedic clashes and moments of unexpected teamwork.


The live-action segment of the film introduces us to Frank Detorre, played by Bill Murray, whose unhealthy lifestyle becomes the focal point of the animated characters’ mission. Bill Murray’s comedic expertise shines as he navigates the challenges of playing a live-action character whose body becomes the battleground for the animated heroes.

Get to Know the Stars Behind Osmosis Jones

Murray’s performance adds a layer of humor and humanity to the film, as audiences witness. The consequences of Frank’s unhealthy habits through the lens of the microscopic world inside him.

Molly Shannon and Chris Elliott play supporting roles in the live-action segment as Leah and Bob. The cast of Osmosis Jones included Chris Rock as the voice of Osmosis.

Laurence Fishburne as Mayor Phlegmming, Bill Murray as Frank Detorre, David Hyde Pierce as Thrax and Brandy Norwood as Leah. Other notable actors in the film include William Shatner, Ron Howard and John Leguizamo.




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