Shroomies – Very Berry Sour Bears 1000mg


Contains: 2 x 500mg per gummy bear for a total of 1000mg per package.

Not sure if you enjoy the taste of magic mushrooms? No problem! These gummy bears will make it much easier and enjoyable to consume. Each bear is carefully hand curated to make your consumption experience pleasant from the very first bite.

These psilocybin-infused gummies are conveniently small but they pack a big punch. They can be enjoyed by beginners and psychonauts alike.

Dames Mushroom Infused Gummies: A Culinary Adventure into Natural Wellness

In a world where wellness and indulgence harmoniously coexist. Dames Mushroom Infused Gummies emerge as a delectable fusion of flavor and holistic goodness. Elevating the concept of edible well-being shroomies, these gummies encapsulate the essence of nature’s bounty in a convenient, delightful form.

A Symphony of Flavors:

At the heart of Dames Mushroom Infused Gummies lies a carefully curated symphony of flavors. Each gummy is a tiny explosion of taste, blending the sweetness of ripe fruits with the earthy undertones of premium mushrooms. The result is a palate-pleasing experience that transcends the typical expectations of medicinal edibles. These gummies redefine the notion that wellness products must compromise on taste.

The Power of Mushrooms:

Dames Mushroom Infused Gummies harness the incredible potential of mushrooms, known for centuries as nature’s pharmacy. Enriched with a variety of mushrooms like reishi, lion’s mane, and chaga. Each gummy encapsulates a diverse range of health benefits. Reishi mushrooms, celebrated for their immune-boosting properties, join forces with lion’s mane. Enowned for cognitive support, creating a formidable blend that nurtures both body and mind.

Convenience Redefined:

In a fast-paced world, convenience is key. Dames Mushroom shroomies Infused Gummies recognize the importance of seamless integration into daily routines. The easy-to-carry packaging allows for on-the-go indulgence, ensuring that your wellness journey is never compromised by a lack of time or accessibility. Whether you’re navigating a busy workday or seeking a quick pick-me-up during leisure hours, these gummies seamlessly fit into your lifestyle.

Artisanal Craftsmanship:

Crafted with precision and care, each Dames Mushroom Infused Gummy is a testament to artisanal excellence. The manufacturing process prioritizes quality, sourcing only the finest ingredients to guarantee a product that not only delights the taste buds but also adheres to the highest standards of health and safety. From cultivation to creation, every step is a testament to a commitment to excellence.

Balancing Mind and Body:

Dames Mushroom Infused Gummies embody a holistic approach to well-being, recognizing the interconnectedness of mind and body. The carefully selected mushroom blend contributes to a sense of balance, promoting overall health. As the gummies engage with your taste buds, the mushrooms work in harmony with your body, creating a synergy that resonates throughout your well-being.

Transparency and Trust:

Dames Mushroom Infused Gummies shroomy are committed to transparency in every aspect. The manufacturing process is open for scrutiny, and each ingredient is clearly listed, establishing a foundation of trust between the brand and its consumers. With Dames, you can consume with confidence, knowing that every gummy is a product of integrity and quality.

Dames Mushroom Infused Gummies are more than just a treat for your taste buds; they represent a paradigm shift in the world of wellness. Through a thoughtful combination of flavors and the inherent goodness of mushrooms, these gummies redefine what it means to indulge in a treat that nurtures both body and mind. Step into a world where well-being meets indulgence, one delectable gummy at a time.


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